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YET began its activities May 2008 in Thessaloniki, as an unofficial group. Since 2014 it is a registered NGO, aiming to support young and future entrepreneurs.

Members of YET are all those who share common interests, goals and ideas. YET’s activities include meetings, seminars, networking opportunities in order to build successful business partnerships in Greece, Europe and the US. Our target is to create a network that will provide experience and advice and will foster mutual beneficial relations. Also, YET is very active in EU projects participation.

Moreover, YET aims to promote ideas, values and skill development that will lead to the creation of a dynamic and extrovert business culture. In addition, YET actively works on and supports issues related to green entrepreneurship, corporate responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

You can find information about YET and its work here. We welcome you and urge you to contact us for questions, ideas and to actively participate in our activities.