Bottrop – Thessaloniki workshop

YET Chairman Mr. Vassilis Tsoulis was invited to participate at a very interesting workshop in Berlin, end of November 2015. The workshop was hosted at «Willy Brandt House» and organized by the «Advocate Europe – Humboldt – Viadrina Governance Platform». The event was chaired by Prof. Gesine Schwan, German President runner-up. The workshop focused on […]

ProGreece Launch event

3 months after the announcement of the ProGreece initiative the platform is online. Greek companies are able now to use the platform -at no charge- to promote their products and services. The launch event took place Monday 18th February at the Goethe Institute in Thessaloniki. ProGreece offers the following advantages: • Sustains and creates new […]

Entrepreneurship Roadtrip Germany

YET participated in an informative and networking trip to Germany. The porgramme was an initiative by the Greek office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. We had the opportunity to meet with key institutions and companies (Union of German Chambers of Commerce, Stuttgart Media University, Stuttgart 
Economic Development Department, Technology and Innovation Park Jena, Jenoptik, Federal […]

Greek-German Civil Society Initiative / GGCS

The 1st Greek-German Civil Society Organizations Meeting aimed to create bridges between Greek and German Civil Society Actors, Local Authorities and other social actors to touch off a dialogue and to reach conclusions on how to proceed together towards viable local development supported by international and interregional collaboration. Greek and German civil society actors met […]