About us

YET was established back in 2008 as YET – Young Entrepreneurs of Thessaloniki, as an unofficial group, aiming to support entrepreneurship. It became a register NGO in 2014, based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Today, YET stands for Youth | Entrepreneurship | Education | Technology. YET aims to support young and future entrepreneurs, foster innovation, entrepreneurship and skills development.

YET firmly aims to help its dynamic audience (college students, young professionals, startups, future entrepreneurs, current entrepreneurs as well as experienced businesspeople and SMEs) to improve their managerial, networking and leadership skills through its activities. Many of our activities and events have been co-hosted and co-organized along with public and private educational institutions (Universities, Colleges, Technical Colleges). We have partnered with SMEs, MNCs, journalists, entrepreneurs, Chambers, Business Angels and Venture Capitalists (VCs).

YET is committed to skill development and networking. Therefore, YET has organized throughout the years of its activities numerous informative and training seminars with a variety of guest speakers and hundreds of participants. We have hosted invitation-only round table discussions, network luncheon dinners and open events with up to 200 participants (college students, young professionals, business managers – employees, small business owners). Topics have ranged from female and social entrepreneurship to financing start-ups and seed capital – venture capital, innovation, and creativity, from business values and ethics to leadership, from personal or premium & luxury products branding to promoting local agricultural products; from career counselling to soft skills seminars and workshops. We have run these activities on many levels of typical and non-typical education, for a wide range of audience. Finally, we have collaborated in developing online platforms (e-skills training, e-mentoring, boosting exports, promoting initiatives etc) and co-hosted and supported business plan / startup competitions & hackathons.

YET is also a Member of the EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

YET has grasped the importance of Tech skills and Digital Transformation in the current local and global startup, scale-up and business environment and thus has dedicated a series of its activities to this field. We have partnered with global players like Google, Udacity, Startup Europe Week (SEW) and Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) and have organised and offered dozens of trainings since 2018