Participation in Youth in Action Project: Nature Reverence II

The program took place early August (1 – 12 August 2013) in Saxony region in Germany (National Park) and aimed to the cultural interaction of participants by spending time in nature and participating in various sport activities. During the 12-day program, young people from 7 counties (Germany, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and […]

Participation in Youth in Action Project: Rule the world and become an Entrepreneur

YET traveled this summer in EU newest member, Croatia, to participate in another EU activity. The 3 girls and 2 boys of the YET team, all students and the University of Macedonia BA Dept., participated in “Rule the world and become an Entrepreneur” Youth in Action program. 5 more teams from different countries participated also […]

Participation in Youth in Action Project: Cooking – a Reflection of Culture

YET participated in December 2012 in another youth exchange (Youth in Action) program, in Freiberg, Germany. 4 more participant NGOs came from Germany, Spain, Romania and Turkey. The 8day long program “Cooking – a Reflection of Culture” included workshops with regard to culinary art and the cooking traditions of the countries involved. Moreover, the participants […]

Nature Reverence – Youth in Action Project

YET participated August 2012 in a EU Youth in Action program in the Saxon forest in Germany. Nature Reverence had participants from 5 NGOs coming from different countries. Various activities that took place during the weekly program (camping, trekking, climbing, cave exploration, canyoning etc) boosted respect for the forest and the environment in relation to […]