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Participation in Youth in Action Project: Nature Reverence II

The program took place early August (1 – 12 August 2013) in Saxony region in Germany (National Park) and aimed to the cultural interaction of participants by spending time in nature and participating in various sport activities. During the 12-day program, young people from 7 counties (Germany, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Greece) had the chance to meet, cooperate and bond through this exceptional intercultural experience.

Non-formal learning workshops, directed by professional and qualified leaders, aimed at introducing participants to a number of activities (sports, dancing, orienteering classes) and enhance their intercultural communication. Daily hiking tours in the National Park helped the teams adapt in the nature. The last day of the program participants camped in caves, in the forest, thus accomplishing the main goal of the program to get closer to nature. Free time activities (team building games, cultural evenings, group meetings, interactive games etc.) kept the youngster’s enthusiasm high during the whole project.

The program managed to combine interaction with the environment and sport activities in the nature to boost communication and cooperation of the young participants.


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