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Creating Possibility in a Swift and Severe World

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In collaboration with the Chair “Michael S. Dukakis in Public Policy and Service” of the American College of Thessaloniki-ACT, YET organized an event with guest speaker Dr. Bruce Piasecki. He is the Chairman and founder of the AHC Group Inc. since 1981. AHC Group is a consultancy administration business specialising in energy, raw materials, and environmental business issues. Dr. Piasecki is the writer of six innovative books on corporate strategy and reform and also of the award-winning book of the year 2008, by the Nature Society, titled “Search of Environmental Excellence: Moving Beyond Blame”. He regularly posts articles in newspapers and journals such as the Los Angeles Times, the Baltimore Sun, the Technology Review and the Christian Science Monitor.

Dr. Piasecki’s speech “The Surprising Solution: Creating Grip in a Swift and Severe World” focused on changes taking place in world economy, in businesses and States operation, due to the need to turn green and focus on sustainable development.