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EU Project – CISCOFY virtual Kick-off Meeting

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CISCOFY is an approved Erasmus+ project that focuses on developing certifications for lecturers, students, and university administrators’ digital skills.

CISCOFY aims to reinforce and complement the digital skills developed by the EU-TeachPaaS Project, by enhancing the digital readiness, resilience, and competencies of university lecturers, in order to scale online education. It is built around three main pillars: digital transformation through the development of digital readiness, resilience, and capacity, skill development to foster inclusion and representation in digital education, and promoting and rewarding excellence in online education.

The project’s scope will be defined by a series of comprehensive activities that will conclude in three primary outcomes (smart train the trainers toolkit, webinars, and a certification scheme – certified by professional educational software promoters – CISCO). Additionally, a network of 4 digital education certification centers will be built, offering three distinct types of certifications and an alumni network.

Throughout the project’s lifespan, at least 600 participants will participate in three major webinars (at least 240 of whom will be from social groups at risk, with a gender balance), and at least 240 certifications will be awarded.

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain), Helixconnect Europe (Romania), Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (Netherlands), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), ISQ e-learning (Portugal), Universidad de Almeria (Spain) and YET, are members of the CISCOFY consortium.

The project’s kick-off meeting was conducted virtually, and all of the partners are extremely motivated and excited about working on another significant and impactful project.

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