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EU Project – entreYOUTH Spain Transnational Project Meeting

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July 6th, 2023, marked a pivotal moment in the timeline of the Erasmus+ Project entreYOUTH. The historic city of Jerez, Spain, served as the backdrop for this significant gathering, where academic avenues met the charming cultural flair of the region. Hosted meticulously by the University of Almeria, this Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) brought together esteemed partners: YET, Helixconnect Europe, CIP, Ítaca, and SCA, each contributing its unique perspective and expertise to the discussion table.

One of the hallmarks of this TPM was its comprehensive agenda that aimed to address key aspects of the entreYOUTH project:

PR Progress Review (PR1, PR2, and PR4): This session was primarily directed at analyzing the progress made in the project. Each review was discussed in-depth, from milestones achieved to potential areas for improvement. The partners collaborated to evaluate each progress report, ensuring that the entreYOUTH project stays on its envisioned trajectory as it is reaching the final months of operations.

Project Dissemination: The crux of any Erasmus+ Project’s success lies in effective dissemination. In this segment, partners brainstormed strategies to amplify the reach of the project. Techniques for leveraging media, platforms, and educational communities were deliberated upon, all with the intent of ensuring that entreYOUTH’s goals resonate far and wide.

Quality and Financial Guidelines: Upholding the quality of project deliverables and maintaining transparent financial records is paramount. A focused session on this ensured that all partners are on the same page regarding quality expectations and financial procedures. This discussion fortified the project’s foundation, ensuring that its execution is both high-caliber and financially transparent.

Multiplier Events: Multiplier Events act as a catalyst to project’s goals, spreading its message to a broader audience. Ideas were exchanged about how to make these upcoming events more impactful and inclusive, including potential themes, target audiences, and engagement techniques.

Final TPM Location: A concluding yet crucial point on the agenda was deciding the location for the Final Transnational Project Meeting. The partners decided the final TPM to be hosted by YET in Athens end of October 2023.

In Retrospect

The Jerez meeting was more than just a congregation of project partners. It was a testament to the collective commitment to the entreYOUTH’s objectives. With the University of Almeria facilitating productive discussions in a conducive environment, the gathering in Spain has undoubtedly set the pace for the upcoming final phases of the entreYOUTH project.

As the partners disbanded with renewed vigor and clear action items, the Erasmus+ entreYOUTH project continues to promise a brighter, more informed future for its beneficiaries.

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