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EU Project RiEcoLab – Ecosystem Integration Lab

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The EIT’s HEI Initiative helps higher education institutions build the capacity to teach innovation and entrepreneurship. Universities have a critical role to play in the development and growth of local and regional innovation ecosystems. This new initiative will help them boost their entrepreneurial capabilities at all levels and unlock their innovation potential.

RiEcoLab (Responsible Innovation-Led Entrepreneurial University Transformation Centres – Ecosystem Integration Labs) is an EU Funded Project with the overall joint vision to develop a novel way R&D is being performed in universities in order to ensure immediate commercialization (spin-offs) and involvement of a large number of internal stakeholders (academic and non-academic staff, students). The new operational framework would be introduced via Ecosystem Integration Labs (EIL) to be developed and implemented by each participating university (by relying on existing infrastructures such as research support offices and technology transfer offices).

YET was one of the start-ups / organizations beneficiaries of RiEcoLab and was provided with access to the following training content in the frame of the Ecosystem Integration Lab:

  • Toolkit 1: Entrepreneurial discovery
  • Toolkit 2: Setting up responsible & impactful knowledge and technology transfer office
  • Toolkit 3: Responsible research and innovation
  • Toolkit 4: Investment and financing
  • Toolkit 5: Inclusive KPIs for impactful universities
  • Toolkit 6: Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Stakeholders


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