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Participation in European Project: Creative Entrepreneurship training course

The action took place 12-20th April 2014 in Dresden, Germany. The training course “Creative Entrepreneurship” aimed at bringing together creative young professionals from Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Poland and Spain in order to exchange experiences and good practices in the field of creative industries.

During the program the participants had the opportunity to work in teams, in order to exchange expertise and ideas related to the creative and cultural industry of their region. They focused on the development od joint actions, tools, methodology and strategies that can reinforce and promote creative and cultural industries and could have a positive impact on developing their own skills, which could positively affect the local, peripheral and national economy of their country.

The training course aspired to assist and connect artists, creators, and creative industry professionals; to build a networking platform and to encourage the participants to cooperate on an international level.

Moreover, visiting creative businesses in Dresden, such as Bottle Crop, Volume 11, Nikkifaktur, Ballroom Studios, Rutloff Garments and more, gave the participants the opportunity to understand the growth level of the creative industry in Dresden, as well as the needs and challenges that emerge, via real examples. Furthermore, participants learned more about situation in Dresden through a comprehensive presentation called from the organisation Wir gestalten Dresden, while Dr. Michael Anz, professor at the local Department of Economic Development, added some extra data on the topic. Another very interesting workshop was organized by Saskja Rudolf, entitled “Hacking Happiness”, which was trying to make participants consider happiness from another perspective; for that reason many examples were showcased about how the quality of life in big cities can be improved.

In general, the daily program offered a variety of lectures and workshops on different fields and aspects of Creative Entrepreneurship and Creative Economy in order to make those concepts more clear to the participants and their involvement with them more feasible and efficient. The participants presented the status of creative entrepreneurship in their country, and specifically in their city, providing a wider view on that situation and strengthened or corrected the existing perceptions.

You can visit the Creative Entreprensurship training course blog here.

Capture Culture was financed by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.

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