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REED Erasmus+ Project Rome Kick-off Meeting

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YET proudly participated in the kick-off meeting of the REED Erasmus+ Project, held in Rome, UNINETTUNO University, mid April 2024. This significant project, supported by a consortium of partners including UNINETTUNO, AUDENCIA, AW3L-EFIKO, Helix Connect Europe, AUEB, and YET, aims to revolutionize the way universities foster social and environmental sustainability among future technology leaders.

REED project’s vision is to transform universities into hubs of ethical digitalization. Our primary goal is to empower academics and students through the awarding of micro-credentials, promoting the development of Ethical Digital Citizens. This initiative will equip them with the crucial skills and knowledge required to navigate and lead in a digitally-driven world responsibly.

A core objective of the REED project is also to enhance the interconnectedness of higher education systems. This will facilitate the creation of networks among universities that are pioneers in ethical digitalization. Such networks will serve as a powerful platform for sharing best practices, fostering collaboration, and enhancing the global impact of our educational efforts.

Recognizing the importance of interdisciplinary approaches,  REED project integrates technological sciences with humanities subjects such as sociology, philosophy, psychology, and history. This innovative blend is designed to stimulate unique learning and teaching practices that not only impart digital skills but also instill a strong ethical foundation in our students.

The project’s kick-off meeting was an intensive session where partners gathered to lay down the groundwork for the initiative. Discussions focused on the first deliverables outlined in our GANTT chart, covering:

  • Work Package 2, which includes activities aimed at developing the framework and content for our micro-credentials.
  • Dissemination Plans to ensure that the project’s milestones and outcomes reach a broader audience effectively.
  • Quality Assurance to maintain the highest standards in all aspects of the project.
  • Administrative and managerial Issues that are essential for the smooth running of the project.

As we move forward, REED project is set to become a beacon of innovation in ethical digital education. With committed partners and a clear vision, we are on course to creating a sustainable impact on the educational landscape and beyond.

Stay tuned to YET and REED website and social media channels for updates and insights as we progress in this transformative journey. At YET, we are excited to be at the forefront of this change, collaborating with our partners to shape the future of technology leadership.

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