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Skywalker #JobDay Tourism 2020

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The event was organised by Skywalker recruiting platform. It was hosted at Thessaloniki Music Hall on January 22nd 2020. Participants had the chance to network with tourism companies and attend workshops related to the tourism industry. They also had the opportunity to meet coaches in order to self-improve, work on professional target setting, effective ways to face professional challenges and others. All the day’s events aimed at strengthening the connection of candidates with the current tourism job market.

Mr Vassilis Tsoulis, YET Founder was an  invited speaker and he delivered a seminar titled “Season work” Myths, trueths and preparation”. He also gave practical examples and tips on how to make the best possible choice of employment. He also discussed general professional behaviour for the  tourism industry.   

#JobDay 2020 Tourism attracted hundreds of young and older people who wish to find employment or already work in Tourism, as well as Tourism program students.

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