SEW18 Thessaloniki

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Startup Europe Week is the largest multi-event of its kind for startups in Europe. The third edition was held 5 - 9 March 2018. YET was happy to support the SEW18…

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2nd Agro-technology Conference

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YET was a supporter at the 2nd Agro-technology Conference, which took place Monday 17th June 2013 at Perrotis College, American Farm School, in Thessaloniki. The Conference tried to cover, with…

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Meet Greece v2 | SKG

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YET participated at the Meet Greece v2 | SKG conference that took place 13 & 14 June 2013 in Thessaloniki. The event presented new developments, and ideas that have evolved…

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Participation in a workshop at Serres TEI

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YET participated in a workshop organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (MOKE) of TEI of Serres, which took place on Monday 12 December 2011. The theme of the event…

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Economic Crisis: The Day After

YET organised a workshop in cooperation with the City College and City College Marketing Club on the 22nd of May 2009. The guest speakers, executives of large multinational corporations (Deloitte,…

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