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Charting the Future of Blockchain: Highlights from the DIEM Project Meeting

In the ever-evolving landscape of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the DIEM project stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. The recent two-day kick-off meeting at VU Amsterdam on October 30-31, 2023, marked a significant milestone in this journey. As an Associated Partner, we at YET are thrilled to share insights from this pivotal gathering.

Led by Prof. Dr. Brian Tjemkes and Dr. Andreas Alexiou, Research Associate, the meeting was a melting pot of ideas and perspectives. The agenda included:

  • An introduction to DIEM and its governance structure.
  • Exploring the dynamics of collaboration within the blockchain ecosystem.
  • In-depth research discussions across twelve cutting-edge PhD projects.
  • A keynote on the latest advancements in Blockchain technology, by Badreddine Tazrouti, IT Architect, Project manager, Data & Digital Innovation specialist
  • A critical Gender Workshop focusing on inclusivity in technology, by Dr. Dilek Uslu, Assistant Professor.
  • A (Platform) Ecosystems workshop, offering insights into blockchain’s role in various sectors, by Ard-Pieter de Man, Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Boardroom consultant and consultant-to-consultants. 
  • Discussions around the project’s impact and outreach strategies.

The 12 PhD Projects: A Spectrum of Blockchain Innovation

DIEM is not just about technology; it’s about shaping the future through research. The project comprises 12 PhD research initiatives, each tackling a unique aspect of blockchain technology:

1. Strategies for Blockchain Innovation

2. Blockchain-enabled Corporate Digital Innovation Architectures

3. Blockchain Business Models

4. Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Optimal Firm Vertical Scope

5. Blockchain Organizations & Governance Mechanisms I

6. Blockchain for Responsible Business I: Planet

7. Dissemination Differences in Digitized & Digitalized Innovations

8. Network Properties’ Role in Blockchain Diffusion Processes

9. Blockchain for Responsible Business II: Humanity

10. Blockchain Organizations & Governance Mechanisms II

11. Blockchain End User Adoption and Societal Challenges

12. Blockchain in Government

These projects span from technical aspects to governance, societal impact, and beyond, illustrating the comprehensive approach of DIEM.

The First DIEM Video Podcast Episode

Adding to the excitement, the first episode of the DIEM video podcast was recorded by YET during the meeting. This episode, soon to be released, will offer an inside look into the project’s vision and its groundbreaking research initiatives.

At YET, we are committed to amplifying the DIEM project’s reach and impact. We proudly manage the DIEM official website and social media channels, ensuring that insights and breakthroughs reach a global audience. Our role in producing the DIEM Podcast series further allows us to bring these conversations to life, engaging with experts and enthusiasts alike.

As we reflect on the success of the recent meeting, our excitement for the future of DIEM and blockchain technology only grows. Stay tuned to our channels for the latest updates, and join us in this journey of discovery and innovation.

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