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EU Project – superYOUTH Thessaloniki Transnational Project Meeting

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Tuesday, the 21st of November, marked a significant milestone for the Erasmus+ superYOUTH project, as we, at YET, hosted the final transnational project meeting in the vibrant city of Thessaloniki. Embodying a hybrid spirit, the event saw partners joining both offline and online, underlining our commitment to inclusivity and collaboration.

The superYOUTH project, an initiative dedicated to empowering youth in the fight against disinformation, misinformation, and malinformation, has been a journey of discovery, learning, and impactful action. As we draw close to the project’s conclusion at the end of December, this meeting served as a reflective platform to assess our achievements and outline the path forward.

A key focus of our meeting was the analysis of the project’s piloting phase. This phase, crucial to understanding the impact and efficacy of our initiatives, showcased encouraging results. We delved deep into the data, evaluating the outcomes and drawing insights to guide future endeavors in similar domains.

Pride filled the room as we acknowledged reaching our promised KPIs – a testament to the concerted efforts of all partners. Achieving these indicators signifies not just the fulfillment of our objectives but also the tangible impact we have had in empowering the youth in this critical field.

The status of the Multiplier events was another focal point of discussion. These events, vital in extending the reach and influence of the project, have played a significant role in disseminating our message and tools to a broader audience.

As we approach the final month of the superYOUTH project, our attention turned to key administrative and financial matters, ensuring that all processes are aligned and transparent. The preparation of the final report, a comprehensive document that will encapsulate our journey and findings, is underway.

Communication and dissemination strategies were also reviewed, underscoring our commitment to sharing our learnings and experiences with a wider community. This aspect of the project is crucial in amplifying our impact and leaving a lasting legacy.

As the meeting drew to a close, there was a sense of accomplishment mingled with the anticipation of what’s next. The superYOUTH project may be concluding, but the mission continues. We remain dedicated to fighting misinformation and equipping future generations with the tools to discern truth in an increasingly complex information landscape.

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