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Launching REED: Pioneering Ethical Digitalization in Education

In an era where digitalization shapes every facet of our society, ethical considerations in the realm of technology and education have never been more crucial. Recognizing this, we at YET are excited to announce our participation in the new Erasmus+ EU Project – REED: Redesigning Education for Ethical Digitalization – Crafting a Social and Environmental Sustainability Mindset for Future Technology Leaders

REED, led by UNINETTUNO University, in collaboration with partners AW3L-EFIKO, AUDENCIA, Helixconnect Europe, YET, and Athens University Of Economics And Business (AUEB), aims to boost the digital readiness and resilience of university lecturers. The project’s main objective is to provide educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively address the ethical issues arising from rapid digitalization.

The project’s kick-off meeting, held virtually on December 6th 2023, laid the foundation for our collaborative journey. While a physical meeting is scheduled for 2024, our initial digital gathering was both productive and insightful.

We had the opportunity to discuss extensively on the project Work Packages and Their Goals:

WP1: Project Management: Focused on the seamless coordination and implementation of the project.

WP2: Addressing Digital Economy Challenges: This package assesses the current status of technology-oriented curricula, emphasizing the need to integrate societal and sustainability issues within the rapidly digitalizing world.

WP3: The REED Toolkit and Training: Aimed at raising awareness among university lecturers about the negative externalities of digital technology. This involves providing innovative tools and insights for enhanced learning experiences and a certification tool to reward educator participation.

WP4: Dissemination Activities: Central to WP4 is the mission to highlight the importance of the REED project, spreading awareness of the challenges identified, and acting as a catalyst for societal and environmental change.

The REED project represents a crucial step towards ethical digitalization in education. As we progress, we look forward to sharing insights, developments, and successes from this journey. Stay tuned for more updates and learnings from REED, as we navigate this vital and exciting path together.

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