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We’re thrilled to announce that YET participated at the AI4AGRI Erasmus+ Kick-off meeting project, a groundbreaking initiative that explores the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the agricultural sector. Together with our esteemed partners, IRIS (Sweden), OMNIA (Cyprus), Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre (Poland), and ThinkOnseption (Greece), we embark on a journey to harness AI’s potential to revolutionize farming practices, enhance productivity, and promote sustainable agriculture.

On December 12th 2023, we gathered at Ktirion53 in Nicosia, Cyprus for the project’s kick-off meeting, marking the official commencement of our collaborative effort. The agenda of the meeting delved into key aspects of the project, including:

WP1: Project Management and Quality Assurance

Establishing a robust project management framework to ensure seamless execution and adherence to quality standards;

WP2: Connecting AI with Agricultural Sector: Current Status and Needs Assessment

Design of a comprehensive assessment of the current state of AI adoption in agriculture and the identified needs of the sector;

WP3: Development & Delivery of AI4Agri Training

The project will develop cutting-edge AI4Agri training programs to equip farmers, agricultural stakeholders, and policymakers with the knowledge and skills to harness AI’s potential. We discussed the design and implementation of these training programs, ensuring they are relevant, accessible, and tailored to the specific needs of the agricultural sector;

WP4: Exploiting AI use in agriculture & Policy recommendations

The project will identify and explore real-world applications of AI in agriculture, focusing on areas such as precision agriculture, crop monitoring, and livestock management. We will also develop policy recommendations to promote the adoption of AI in agriculture and ensure its responsible and equitable use.

WP5: AI4Agri Outreach activities

The project will engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including farmers, agricultural organizations, policymakers, and the public, to raise awareness of the benefits of AI in agriculture and foster collaboration. We will develop innovative outreach activities, such as workshops, seminars, and social media campaigns, to disseminate knowledge and promote the adoption of AI in the agricultural sector.

We are committed to leveraging our expertise in empowering youth and promoting technology integration to foster a future where AI empowers farmers, optimizes agricultural processes, and contributes to a more sustainable food system.

Stay tuned for the developments of AI4AGRI.

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