You are currently viewing DisinfoHacks Podcast Series now available online @Spotify

DisinfoHacks Podcast Series now available online @Spotify

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Tune In to the DisinfoHacks Podcast: Unpacking the World of Disinformation

In a world where disinformation is as pervasive as it is destructive, staying informed and equipped is more crucial than ever. That’s why we at YET, in collaboration with our partners DCN Global and AD & PR Lab, are excited to announce the launch of the DisinfoHacks Podcast, now streaming on Spotify.

The DisinfoHacks Podcast is an integral part of our innovative training program designed to combat disinformation. Each episode delves into the multifaceted nature of disinformation, exploring its origins, societal impacts, and the strategies developed to fight it. Our hosts, experts in digital communication and media, provide valuable insights, analysis, and practical solutions for everyone from concerned citizens to professionals and academics.

Episode Breakdown:

Episode 1: “Introducing DisinfoHacks: Creating an ecosystem that hacks disinformation.” Discover how we’re creating an ecosystem to combat disinformation effectively.

Episode 2: “The impact of disinformation about the Ukrainian war in Romania & Moldova.” A critical look at the effects of disinformation in Romania & Moldova during the Ukrainian conflict.

Episode 3: “Adding more cheese to the broccoli”: Youth taking-over tackling disinformation!” How the younger generation is engaging in the fight against disinformation.

Episode 4: “Factchecking 101: Searching trust and truth using tech tools.” Exploring technological tools for finding trust and truth.

Episode 5: “The Room Where It Happens”: Hacking disinfo through encrypted messaging apps.” Delving into how encrypted messaging apps play a role in the spread of disinformation.

Episode 6: “Understanding the gender-climate nexus: how does disinformation affect other topics.” Understanding how disinformation intersects with other crucial topics.

Episode 7: “The chicken-egg game: What is the relation between cybersecurity & disinformation?” Examining the intricate relationship between cybersecurity and disinformation.

Episode 8: “Building trust in Journalism, a fruitful conversation with Aphrodite Salas.” A conversation with Aphrodite Salas about building trust in journalism.

Episode 9: “Empowering the next generation, media literacy and children in the digital age.” Empowering the next generation through media literacy in the digital age.

DisinfoHacks is your go-to source for understanding, combating, and ultimately hacking disinformation.  Join us as we unravel the complexities of disinformation in this engaging and informative series!

DisinfoHacks Project is an innovative training program that brings together partners expertise, engaging an ecosystem of communication and media stakeholders, startup innovators and influencers in identifying, assessing, and combating disinformation. 

Organized by DCN Global, #ADandPRLAB, YET, funded by U.S. Department of State and U.S. Mission in Greece, supported by Found.ation and SocialInnov

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