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EU Project – RRIstart Closing Project Meeting and RRIstarthack

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YET participated in the recent closing project meeting and RRIstarthack of the Horizon EU Project RRIstart. Held at Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, from February 21st to 23rd 2024, the event brought together a community passionate about Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). The RRIstart project aimed to transform the European research and innovation landscape by promoting RRI principles. 

A highlight of the closing events was the RRIstarthack, a 72-hour hackathon that brought together 100 students with diverse backgrounds (Social sciences, Economics, Business, Engineering, STEM). Focused on the critical areas of “Sustainability & Mobility” and “Sport & Wellness,” the hackathon fostered creativity, collaboration, and a commitment to developing solutions that address societal challenges through the lens of RRI.

Beyond the hackathon itself, the event offered valuable learning and networking opportunities. Industry leaders from companies like EniJoule and Wylab presented on implementing RRI practices in real-world settings. Additionally, RRIstart partners -YET amongst them- conducted a workshop dedicated to RRI indicators and the benefits they hold for STEM startups. This session provided crucial guidance for young innovators seeking to integrate responsible practices into their ventures from the outset.

The RRIstart partners (YET, Sapienza University of Rome, Wageningen University & Research, EBAN (European Business Angel Network), and SEERC (South-East European Research Centre) remain committed to furthering this important work, even after the conclusion of the project. We believe that by integrating RRI principles into research and innovation practices, as well as investment, we can collectively build a more sustainable and inclusive European  future for all.

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