Disinfo Hackathon

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You are Invited to Participate in the Disinfo Hackathon!

About this event

It takes an ecosystem to challenge and tackle misinformation.

A weekend of co-creation and search for new ideas and workable solutions to combat misinformation in the context of TIF 2022, in the heart of innovation.

We invite you to become part of the Disinfo Hackathon ecosystem, which will take place on 10 and 11 September at Thessaloniki International Fair.

What is DisinfoHacks?

DisinfoHacks is an innovative programme that involves the creation of a diverse stakeholder ecosystem involving media professionals, emerging technologies, digital publishers, startups, digital communication, advertising and PR, digital creators, science communication, digital public diplomacy, researchers, students and academics, with the aim of co-creation of new ideas and workable solutions to address misinformation in different fields and by creating and using digital tools.

What is the Disinfo Hackathon?

An innovation competition that aims to provide participants with a hands-on experience of working together to develop innovative collaborative solutions using technology and digital prototyping. The Disinfo Hackathon challenges participants to collaborate on different thematic challenges to combat misinformation, adopting an ecosystem logic.

You will gain new knowledge and valuable experience, and get familiar with digital tools and methodologies that you can immediately put into practice.

What are the thematic challenges?

The challenges are all related to the fight against misinformation. Each challenge is designed in collaboration with a challenge owner, with the aim of being as representative of everyday life as possible.

The themes are as follows (TBC):

  • The challenges of misinformation in journalism
  • Infodemic: How misinformation has affected the health sector
  • Religion and misinformation
  • Misinformation, advertising and brands
  • Innovation to combat misinformation

Short workshops with experts and speakers and with the collaboration of mentors in the fields of misinformation, entrepreneurship, technology and artificial intelligence, communication, digital innovation and research, will provide you food for thought and inspiration to design and present your own ideas and projects at the closing ceremony of the Disinfo Hackathon.

The two-day Disinfo Hackathon is organized by DCN Global, the AD & PR LAB of Panteion University and YET, with funding from the U.S. Department of State & U.S. Mission in Greece and with the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS,) Found.ation, Socialinnov and NBG Business Seeds (National Bank of Greece).

Who it concerns:

  • Media professionals, Digital Publishers
  • Corporate communication/ Advertisers/ PR/ Social Media professionals
  • Startups
  • Digital Influencers, Digital Creators
  • IT experts
  • Gamers
  • Digital diplomacy, Public Diplomacy professionals and researchers
  • Public Policy officials
  • Science communicators and social scientists

Are you excited by the challenge to help with your knowledge and ideas to tackle one of today’s biggest challenges? 

What are you waiting for? Fill out the application now!

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