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EU Project – EUTeachPaaS Thessaloniki Multiplier Event

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By specializing in #DigCompEdu competences and global innovations for local needs, EU-TeachPaaS has developed a pan-EU network of six digital education certification centers in higher education that will offer training and certification for university professors, administrators, and students operating in online learning.

YET hosted the local Multiplier Event in Thessaloniki, June 17th 2022. The aim of the ME was to share the deliverables and results of EUTeachPaaS to an interested audience, get feedback and raise awareness and dialogue. Also, to disseminate the project work and results to the wider community. More than 50 academics, university staff and students from Greece and abroad had the opportunity to attend.

Stay tuned to YET and EUTeachPaaS social media and websites to have access to all the deliverables that will be uploaded soon and to get certified (for free) by one of the 6 certification centers.

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