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EU Project – RRIstart TPM in Rome

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The Horizon RRIstart project recently convened in Rome (October 19-20th 2023) for a transnational project meeting, hosted by the project leader, Sapienza Università di Roma. This gathering was not just another checkpoint; it was a confluence of minds dedicated to shaping the future of startups through responsible research and innovation (RRI). As an integral part of this consortium, we at YET were eager to contribute to this dialogue that promises to reshape the innovation landscape.

Day One: Laying Down the Framework

The initial day of the meeting focused intensely on the core structure of the RRIstart project. We reviewed the Overall Project Plan, ensuring that all activities align with our overarching goal of fostering responsible innovation within startups. On the agenda there was also discussion on: 

  • WP3: Unveiling of the Guidelines that will shape our path forward.
  • WP3: A comprehensive review of the State of Art of our ongoing Experimentation – how far have we come?
  • WP3: Examining the robust framework of our expanding Network.

Plus, a special segment dedicated to the Dissemination activity of the Maker Faire!

Day Two: Engaging with Innovators at the Maker Fair

The second day marked a special occasion as the RRIstart consortium stepped out into the broader community by participating in the Maker Fair. It was a day dedicated to interaction, presentation, and dissemination. We embraced the opportunity to showcase the RRIstart project to an audience that shares our passion for innovation and responsibility.

Our presentation illuminated the project’s deliverables, outlining the development of our stakeholders’ network, and setting the stage for the remaining activities. The Maker Fair was not just a venue for sharing; it was a platform for engaging with like-minded innovators, entrepreneurs, impact investors and thinkers. This engagement is crucial as it breathes life into our research and injects real-world perspectives into our research pursuits.

Innovation With Responsibility at Its Core

RRIstart is grounded in the belief that innovation should be carried out responsibly, ethically, and with consideration for long-term impact. The project aims to embed these values in the heart of startup culture. By participating in events like the Maker Fair, we extend the reach of our message and invite a broader community to join us in this vital conversation.

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