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EU Project – entreYOUTH Transnational Project Meeting in Athens

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This October, the heart of ancient wisdom, Athens, became a beacon of modern innovation as it hosted the latest and final transnational project meeting for the entreYOUTH Erasmus+ project. At YET, we had the honor of facilitating this gathering, which saw a consortium of partners coming together to address some of today’s most pressing challenges: food waste, sustainability, and the cultivation of entrepreneurial spirit among the youth.

A Meeting of Minds and Missions

The entreYOUTH project, funded by the European Commission via Erasmus+, is an ambitious initiative that aims to equip young people with the tools and knowledge to turn the tide of food waste and sustainability challenges into entrepreneurial opportunities. The project draws together a diverse group of partners, including:

  • University of Almeria, Spain (Project Leader)
  • Citizens in Power – CIP, Cyprus
  • Catholic Scout Movement – CSA, Spain
  • Ítaca, Spain
  • YET, Greece

Each organization brings its unique expertise and vision to the project, creating a robust platform for innovation and growth.

The meeting’s agenda was thoughtfully curated to ensure a comprehensive review of the project’s progress and to plan for the final steps as entreYOUTH is approaching its completion. 

The project partners focused on:

  • Monitoring the overall project plan and ensuring we’re on track to meet our objectives.
  • Discussing the finalization of key deliverables PR1, PR2, and PR4.
  • Reflecting on the outcomes and learnings from the July 2023 Spain Training Event & Multiplier Events.
  • Dissemination strategies to maximize the project’s reach and impact.
  • Quality assurance processes to maintain the highest standards in all our outputs.
  • Exploitation and sustainability planning to ensure that the project’s results have a lasting effect.
  • Preparing for the final report, which will encapsulate the essence and learnings of our collaborative efforts.

Looking Ahead

As the meeting concluded, we were left with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the journey ahead. The entreYOUTH project is more than just a series of objectives; it’s a promise to the next generation—a commitment to a more sustainable future, underpinned by innovation and enterprise.

Stay tuned to our website for more updates as we continue to work towards making a difference in the lives of young entrepreneurs across Europe.

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